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For the past six years, Beacon Adult Foster Care has been a proud member of the South Coast Senior Resource Association (SRA). The SRA is a group of professionals and provider agencies with a personal and proven commitment to assisting the senior population in our community.

Each member of the SRA specializes in providing an important service or resource to the South Coast senior community.  Some services provided include:

  • Home health care (Adult Foster Care and private pay);
  • Durable medical equipment supply, including wheelchair ramp rentals;
  • Emergency medical alert systems and monitoring;
  • Ambulance and medical transport services;
  • Estate planning and elder law consultation;
  • Real estate and Reverse mortgage services;
  • Financial planning and Financial management services;
  • Insurance solutions, including long-term care insurance;
  • Adult day health services;
  • Residential and Visiting nursing services;
  • Urgent care;
  • Spiritual care and counseling;
  • Funeral and memorial services, including advance planning.

The strong professional relationships between the SRA members and their respective agencies ensure that seniors and caregivers have a network of  referral resources available to meet a wide variety of service needs. The SRA website is a one-stop guide that provides expertise and reliable information from knowledgeable resources about today’s complex issues faced by seniors and caregivers.

The SRA hosts events throughout the year to provide education and solutions for seniors, their families and caregivers. Most recently, we have sponsored the Virtual Dementia Tour, an interactive journey through simulated dementia that provides participants with a better understanding of what living with dementia is really like for those who suffer from it. Learning to “walk in the shoes” of someone experiencing dementia, or progressive neurological diseases like Alzheimer’s, is a powerful experience that has been shown to improve communication and care.

For more information on the South Coast Senior Resource Association, visit their website or their Facebook page.

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